Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee:

GIPAC: Draft Minutes for Oct 1, 2018 Monthly Meeting

Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee

Regular Monthly Meeting:  Oct 1, 2018

6:30 – 8:25 pm

Guemes Island Community Church


Draft Minutes


The meeting was called to order by Chair Hal Rooks at 6:43 PM.

Members present: Steve Orsini, Hal Rooks, Nancy Fox, Alan Bush, Edith Walden and Patty Rose. Absent: Michael Bush and Gary Curtis (Emeritus). Guests present: Phyllis Bravinder, Michael Gray, Barb Ohms, and Mark Madden.

Draft agenda was approved with the addition of Steve Orsini’s USGS proposal.

Draft Minutes from Sept 11, 2018 were approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report: GIPAC checking account balance is $2,808.00 and Roz Glasser bequest balance is $10,519.14.

Public Comment: Mark Madden gave a report on chloride levels based on his research. He found that the National Secondary Drinking Regulations specify 250 ppm of chlorides as an upper limit. He was surprised that Skagit County prohibits ADU construction on properties with well water containing 25 ppm. Member Nancy Fox observed that the Skagit County threshold is intended to indicate problems with salt water intrusion in the area rather than an unsafe level of chlorides for drinking.


Updates/New Business:

·        GIPAC code amendments regarding rainwater catchment and wells were delivered to Skagit County. Chairman Rooks proposed that he, Alan Bush and Nancy Fox arrange a meeting to discuss the amendments with each of the County Commissioners. Board members agreed to this plan.

·        There will be a Public Hearing with the Board of Commissioners on December 4 regarding code amendments. GIPAC board members and interested citizens are encouraged to attend.

 ·        Concept Proposal for USGS Aquifer Study. Board member Orsini presented this proposal based on his work with USGS employees. The study would measure and compute the following:

1.     Complete an island wide recharge estimation

2.     Update the water balance for the island

3.     Evaluate current groundwater conditions

This process would require local support in the form of approximately $40,000 of local grant monies or private donations. The previous aquifer study in the early 1990’s was completed with help from the Skagit Conservation District. Discussion followed.


Board member Walden moved that GIPAC serve as the local agent for a USGS study of tasks 1-3 above, second by board member Orsini and the measure passed unanimously. At some point we will brief the county commissioners about the ways this could help all of us better understand water supply issues on Guemes Island.

·        Annual Meeting topics (Sunday, Nov 18th, 2-4 at the Community Hall):

USGS may be ready to present their Aquifer Recharge Area Study on that day and Michael Brown can follow up with coffee klatch information and request for volunteers.

·        Update on Peach Preserve work – Board member Patty Rose reported that November 12 and 13 are the planting dates. She will be submitting receipts from Sound Native Plants, Salal Native Plant Society and Gardeners Supply as well as recruiting volunteers in the coming weeks. Barb Ohms suggested that a good time for publicity is after the planting is done.

 Next GIPAC meeting is Monday, November 5, at 6:30 PM at the church and the Annual Meeting will be Sunday November 18 from 2-4 PM at the community center.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM.


Submitted by Patty Rose

October 8, 2018