Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee:

GIPAC: Draft Minutes for Sept 11, 2018 Monthly Meeting

Minutes for the September 11, 2018

Meeting of the Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee


Meeting was called to order by Chairman Hal Rooks at 6:30pm.  In attendance were board members Hal Rooks, Patty Rose, Edith Walden,  Steve Orsini, Allen Bush, Michael Brown and Nancy Fox, as well as board emeritus Gary Curtis.   Also present were Marianne Kooiman, Barb Ohms, Mark Ohms, Ian Woofenden, Kit Harma, Sally Stapp, Dan Horneman, Michael Kirshenbaum, Regina Wandler, and Mark Madden.

The draft agenda was approved, with a couple of minor additions.

Minutes from the August meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s report – Checking account balance was $2,783.00.  Savings account (Roz Glasser bequest fund) was $10,519.14.

Public Comment – Barb Ohms announced that the Guemes Island Environmental Trust, in partnership with GICCA, is bringing Paul Bannock, an expert on owls, to give a talk at the community center on September 22nd.   Cost will be $15 per person and $25 per couple, with the funds going toward GIET.


Marianne Kooiman reported that the April measurements of the wells she monitors along with Steve Orsini showed the highest static levels ever seen. 

Regina Wandler and Michael Kirshenbaum of the Skagit Land Trust came to discuss the Land Trust's conservation efforts on the newly acquired Kelly’s Point property.   The Trust has written a grant with the Department of Wildlife for maintenance of the property.  The Trust is in the process of learning about the property, the animals, soils, history etc, so that they can do a better job of maintaining and preserving it.  There will be a meeting at the Community Center on the 27th of September from 6-7:30 pm to give the island an update on the Trust’s intentions. 

There were two concerns voiced by GIPAC members:

1.      Will trails installed on the upland area of the property?  SLT said 'no,' due in large part to safety concerns and in respect for the adjoining property owners.

2.     Access to the property from the ferry landing across privately owned tidelands.  The Trust is aware of this problem and will address that by better signage and possible brochures available at the two ferry landing building explaining how to get to the property.

County Update - There was a discussion of the memo Nancy Fox drafted for GIPAC to possibly send to the Board of Commissioners concerning GIPAC’s well code amendment.  It was moved and seconded that GIPAC send the memo to the Commissioners.


It was reported that the County is still looking at writing rainwater catchment codes and that they were not going to use the template/paper submitted by Western Washington University.  It was moved and seconded that Hal Rooks' memo to the Commissioners be sent on behalf of GIPAC.

Public Comment - Mark Madden talked about GIPAC’s position on new wells and shared his concerns that the county could interpret it so that no one could drill a new well.  An additional concern was that any restrictions could prove to be a hardship for residents.  He said that there was plenty of water on the island and that there was not enough data on new wells impacts on existing wells.  GIPAC members discussed their understanding of the issue and their intentions with the proposed code amendments; they agreed to disagree with some of Mark's comments.

Hal Rooks adjourned the meeting at 8:25 pm.