Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee:

GIPAC: Draft Minutes for Aug 6, 2018 Monthly Meeting

Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee

 Regular Monthly Meeting:  August 6, 2018

6:30 – 8:20 pm

Guemes Island Community Church


The meeting was called to order at 6:34 PM. Members present: Hal Rooks, Allen Bush, Michael Brown, Nancy Fox, Steve Orsini and Gary Curtis, Emeritus. Absent: Edith Walden. Guests present: Brandt Detering, Dan Horneman, Michael Gray and Barb Ohms.

Draft Agenda was approved as presented.

Draft Minutes from July 2, 2018 were unanimously approved.

Treasurer Allen Bush reported that we have $2,782.76 in checking and $10,519.14 in the Roz Glasser Shoreline Restoration savings account.

Public Comment

1. Barb Ohms invited all interested persons to attend two films about fighter jets on Whidbey Island: Sunday August 19 at 2 PM in the hall.

2. Barb also told us that she made contact with USGS employees who worked on the aquifer study some years ago. Steve Orsini also made contact and will meet with Sue Kahle, Hydrologist, and others.

3. Gary Curtis mentioned that he has heard some misconceptions about GIPAC and rainwater catchment. He is willing to look at the GIPAC goals and mission statement and offer some clarification about our role. Hal asked Gary to take the lead on this effort and Patty Rose offered to help edit.

Updates/New Business:

County Update:

1)  Hal Rooks met with Skagit County Planning Director Hal Hart and others regarding our code amendment supporting rainwater catchment. He was told that the county would like to conduct another 2 year planning process. GIPAC members agreed that this timeline is not acceptable. We will send a memo to the Skagit County Planning Department detailing our past process on rainwater catchment and our hope that Skagit County can quickly move forward. Chairman Rooks also spoke with John Rose at Department of Ecology who stated that nothing in state law either approves or prohibits rainwater catchment as a primary water source.

2)  In addition to the rainwater catchment code amendment, we submitted an amendment regarding well drilling on Guemes Island. Nancy Fox reported that she pared the amendment back to these points:

* Property owners on Guemes must obtain a permit before drilling a well.

* The County hydrogeologist has to make a hydrogeologic impact analysis to determine if a drilling site is problematic before drilling can occur.

* These restrictions apply only to sole source aquifer locations, ie Guemes Island.

3)  GIPAC policy on letters of endorsement

Allen Bush expressed concerns about our letter of support for a stewardship grant for Kelly’s Point. GIPAC took two actions:

* We will invite the Skagit Land Trust to our next meeting to provide information about plans for Kelly’s point and to hear local concerns about beach access and other issues.

* GIPAC members agreed that if an email vote is requested by the chair, everyone is expected to vote. An email vote of 5-2 can pass a resolution and any member can write an opposing opinion. With an email discussion, once general agreement has been reached, ie 4 people have written in favor and there are no strong objections voiced, the measure can go ahead.

4) Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday November 19. We will discuss our program for the annual meeting at our September meeting.  Michael Brown offered to help develop possible issues for discussion.

5)  Update on Peach Preserve work – Patty reported that we have identified 22 species to plant, and general planting areas. We have 13 species of these native plants started and growing, with plans to buy additional plants from Fourth Corner Nursery, Skagit Native Plant Society sale and Banksavers. Patty will submit a budget by email.

6)  Update on coffee-klatches – none planned this summer.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:28 PM.

Because of the Labor Day weekend, next meeting will be Tuesday September 11 at 6:30 PM.

Submitted by Patty Rose