Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee:

GIPAC: Draft Minutes for May 7, 2018 Monthly Meeting

Draft Minutes for May 7, 2018 Meeting

Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee


Meeting was called to order by Chairman Hal Rooks at 6:35pm.  Present were board members Hal Rooks, Nancy Fox, Michael Brown, Patti Rose, Edith Walden, Allen Bush, Stephen Orsini and board emeritus Gary Curtis.  Also present were Michael Gray, Gail Leboutillier, Barb Ohms, Mark Madden, Brandt Detering and Phyllis Bravinder.

Draft agenda was moved, seconded and approved.

Draft minutes from the April meeting were moved, seconded and approved.

Treasurers report -  Checking account balance: $2,681.82.  Roz Glasser bequest account balance: $10,511.28.

New Business:

Edith would like to order more of the Shoreline brochures.  The initial 4500 are almost gone.  It was approved that she could order additional brochures for the start of the summer season.

Hal reported that the tour of rainwater catchment sites with Planning Director Hal Hart and Long-Range Planner Stacy Pratschner last month was a success.  It was agreed that GIPAC should continue its outreach to the county concerning the crafting of the county code on catchment.

Discussion on aquifer recharge issue – Steve Orsini gave a brief description of the island aquifers.  It was agreed that we do not know enough about where the recharge areas are and that perhaps we should contact USGS to help us with a study.  Steve agreed to do additional outreach to the USGS to see if they can help us with compiling additional data.  We would need a county sponsor, which could be the Soil Conservation district.

Michael Brown gave a report on the first community outreach effort held at Barbara and Randy Schnabel’s house.  Eight people showed up and heard what GIPAC was working on and expressed their ideas about development stresses on the island.  Michael is working on the next one, hoping to have it in June.

Hal Rooks adjourned the meeting at 8:20pm

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