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What's Next for GIPAC?

GIPAC has not received notification of the County’s actions, it was decided to resubmit our code amendment regarding rainwater catchment. GIPAC will also send a letter to the Skagit County Commissioners explaining our action. Our code amendment this time will include details including Department of Ecology guidelines for adequate water supply. The deadline for submitting code amendments is July 31, 2018.


GIPAC will also submit a code amendment regarding well drilling on Guemes Island which will require county permission to drill a well, based on hydrogeologic study.


Your GIPAC Representatives

Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee

Roster 1/9/2018

Hal Rooks – Chair
cell: 360-391-8400

Allen Bush – Vice Chair, Treasurer
cell: 360-202-4066

Michael Brown – Secretary
cell: 360-299-2199 

Nancy Fox
cell: 206-920-3160

Patty Rose

Steve Orsini

Edith Walden
cell: 360-420-8812 

Gary Curtis, Emeritus


The Guemes Island Sub-Area Plan

  On January 18, 2011, the Skagit County Board of Commissioners adopted the Guemes Island Subarea Plan. The Subarea Plan contains policy...